• I meet with you after booking to discuss who you are, your wants, plans, etc.  (Cookie cutters are only good for cookies, not photos! ☺)
  • Performed at a location of your choice within the greater New Orleans area (Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans, etc.).  I do travel outside of this area for an additional fee.
  • Post-processing takes 6-8 weeks. 
  • All high resolution images are provided to you on DVD with a copyright release to print wherever you choose.  Image enhancements are included in price.
  • Online mini album posted on FB blog for sharing, tagging, commenting and reposting.
  • Private complete gallery of images posted online for sharing, ordering pictures, etc. for 4 months.
  • Unlimited outfit changes at no additional cost.
  • Photo albums are available for purchase.
  • Please note that pricing is subject to change; any price quote received via email is valid for 3 weeks. 


Weddings ... $2000 (8 hours, 2 photographers, 4 locations) or  $1000 (4 hours, 2 photographers, 4 locations)
On this day, your heart will beat faster and slower, all at once.  Time will seem to stand still, but it will all be over in the blink of an eye.  You will remember this day, forever, as the beginning of new book.  Every moment and detail is perfect on this day.  I arrive to photograph the ladies preparing; my partner photographer will arrive and photograph the gentlemen getting ready. These are the moments that will last forever.  It is my personal goal to capture them for you, just as beautifully as you will remember them. 

Rehearsal Dinner ... $500 (4 hours, one photographer)  & Parties ... $400 (3 hours, one photographer)
This sort of session covers rehearsal dinners, birthday fiestas, high school reunions, anniversary parties, family reunions and just about any other type of social gathering that you can think up.  Coverage includes one location for parties and two locations for rehearsal dinners. 

Engagement/Couples ... $165 (1.5 hours, one photographer)
Oh, the excitement!  Congratulations!!  What a wonderful and fun-filled time.  Plans are beginning to unfold, details are being laid out and both of you are at the center of it all!  During this session you will play around, goof off, laugh, hug, kiss and be happy...and I'll catch it all.  The goal is to photograph who you really are and what you truly love about each other and the love that you share.  Hey...all you need is love. ♥

Bridal ... $165 (1.5 hours, one photographer)
That DRESS...that gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic and stunning gown!  Every little girl dreams of it and we all feel like a princess in it.  OF COURSE you need pictures in that amazing work of art! These are fun, quirky, sexy, sultry, engaging and mesmerizing.  Oh là là, très chic!

Boudoir ... $300 (3 hours, one photographer)
This is the opportunity to do something very special for yourself.  Yes, of course, it is for your significant other as well, but ladies...we all NEED this.  This session will capture you at your very sexiest.  A consultation before the session helps determine your style, what you want to do, what we can create and explore all possibilities.  Whether you're a vixen or a diva, if your goal is to make his jaw drop, this will definitely accomplish that. 

Maternity... $165 (1.5 hours, one photographer)
A typical maternity session often takes place between the 30th - 38th week of pregnancy.  During the session, my main goal is to capture you just as you are, including the tender, happy and playful parts of the journey. Feel free to bring yoga pants, jeans, a simple white tank top, a knit cardigan or anything else you would like to wear.  Texture looks beautiful in photographs.  Significant others are certainly welcome!  Have him wear simple clothing such as a white t-shirt and jeans or whatever else will "match" your choice of attire.  Heirlooms, baby items that you adore or have purchased and any little props that are near and dear to your heart are certainly welcome.  The goal is to create a comfortable and joyful photograph where you are the focal point...and, of course, that beautiful belly.  

Newborn Session ... $300 (3 hours, one photographer)                                                                             
This is a very special session for babies up to 9 days old.  In order to capture those adorable sleeping baby portraits, the younger the baby the better.  How wonderful it is to freeze those precious details in time that disappear so soon after birth, such as wrinkly skin, teeny-tiny hands, itty-bitty feet and sweet new belly buttons!  Newborn sessions last for three hours and are typically done in your home.  The world is so new to your brand new little one, so I make sure to allot time for all the soothing necessities (feeding, soothing, etc.).  Short breaks can be helpful during these sessions for your new bundle of joy!  It's best to book a newborn session before your baby arrives.  I recommend booking a tentative date for the photo session during pregnancy to secure your session.  Since babies aren't always very predictable as to when they'll arrive, I keep part of my schedule open around your due date to allow for flexibility.

Family Session ... $165 (1.5 hours, one photographer)
Families are fun, so why shouldn't we capture those moments that we share every day?  Those smiling, giggling, "contagious laughter" moments are worth grabbing and this session intends to do just that!  Bring your babies and bring your smiles...these shoots are fun!

Seniors ... $165 (1.5 hours, one photographer)
The idea here is to photograph simply "you".  The world is about to open up to you in an amazing way and this session aims to capture that thrill coupled with your natural charisma.  I certainly have lots of creative ideas in mind so if you don't know exactly what you want or where, just let me know!