Bonjour!  I'd like to! 


I'm a daughter.  I'm a "smile-er" and a hugger.  Someone who loves Jesus and is so blessed.   I like people and adore my family.  My siblings, parents and hubbie are my best buds.  I'm a Mommy and I am in LOVE with my baby boys.  I'm infatuated with the way a picture says millions of things with thousands of pixels.  I love life.  We only travel down this road once; I want to remember every second of it. What else can I say?  I shoot with my heart.


I am a nerd.  I am constantly pushing myself to improve, critiquing what I do, tearing myself down to rebuild it  better for me and you.  I like to think that my pictures capture those tender moments that we experience every day.  Somehow, in the rush of life, busy schedules and overbooked workdays, we forget to enjoy the simple touch of tiny fingers.  We neglect to steal "just one more" kiss.  It's my privilege to capture those stolen seconds, polish them, shine them up and give them back to you, like a special little gift.  You'll see them, again, but as if it was the first time.  Life (and God) is good. ☺