Fogo de WOW ... my first experience at Fogo de Chão

Yesterday, I was invited by the Events Coordinator (Lauren Ramos) at Fogo de Chão to view their venue (YES, THEY HAVE AN UPSTAIRS PRIVATE ROOM WITH 2 BALCONIES) and sample their food.  I must say, I was completely blown away!!!  As a person who doesn't dig much on meat, I was pleasantly surprised by just how appetizing their meats selection was!  I enjoyed every bit of it!  Not to mention the amazing salad experience complete with star fruit, quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, mouth is watering.  Top it all off with the best Brazilian drinks that I had never tried before.  Needless to say, I'm addicted!  But I can't overlook the other amazing features that really drive this place home.  The staff was on point, utterly friendly and genuinely interested in providing me with the best experience.  They weren't just like that with me; I looked around.  This is how they treated every guest!  Not to mention that the upstairs area is directly accessible the minute you walk in and is beautifully decorated with lounge furniture as well as tables, chairs, etc.  The balconies are the perfect outlet for a view of Canal Street!  Oh, and there's valet parking so no need to worry about where to park.  AND...if you love a slide show of you and your honey playing in the background then rest easy because they have all of the equipment provided and tastefully built in to the wall so no bulkiness and no fuss.  If you are looking for that perfect place for your next event, don't overlook Fogo de Chão!