Happily Ever Ansah ... Megan & Robert

I know that this is a long blog post BUT...IN MY DEFENSE...it was too easy!!  It was effortless to splurge on making this gallery.  The smiles never stopped, the hugs were so genuine, the family so beautiful, the kids so cute and Megan and Rob are so in love.  So, forgive me but I'm all about #HAPPILYEVERANSAH ...and... #BOOTYROCKINEVERYWHERE.  All the best to this couple, their family and their friends who made me feel right at home on their beautiful day!! Roses are red, true love is rare, booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!  (Such a perfect twist on one of my fav songs...I'm stealing that one, Megan!!  It just makes me smile!!)  Oh yeah...#LOVE.WEARIT ♥