Fogo de WOW ... my first experience at Fogo de Chão

Yesterday, I was invited by the Events Coordinator (Lauren Ramos) at Fogo de Chão to view their venue (YES, THEY HAVE AN UPSTAIRS PRIVATE ROOM WITH 2 BALCONIES) and sample their food.  I must say, I was completely blown away!!!  As a person who doesn't dig much on meat, I was pleasantly surprised by just how appetizing their meats selection was!  I enjoyed every bit of it!  Not to mention the amazing salad experience complete with star fruit, quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, mouth is watering.  Top it all off with the best Brazilian drinks that I had never tried before.  Needless to say, I'm addicted!  But I can't overlook the other amazing features that really drive this place home.  The staff was on point, utterly friendly and genuinely interested in providing me with the best experience.  They weren't just like that with me; I looked around.  This is how they treated every guest!  Not to mention that the upstairs area is directly accessible the minute you walk in and is beautifully decorated with lounge furniture as well as tables, chairs, etc.  The balconies are the perfect outlet for a view of Canal Street!  Oh, and there's valet parking so no need to worry about where to park.  AND...if you love a slide show of you and your honey playing in the background then rest easy because they have all of the equipment provided and tastefully built in to the wall so no bulkiness and no fuss.  If you are looking for that perfect place for your next event, don't overlook Fogo de Chão!

Baby Bump ... The Aizprua Family

Spring brings blooming flower gardens, sunshine filled days, happy chirping birds and beautiful little babies!!! Can't wait to meet the newest addition to the Aizprua family.  Coming soon...4/30 is almost here!  Want to see more?   Click here!

L♥VEW♥RKS ... Amanda & Chris

If a little love goes a long way, then what does a lot of love do?  It makes it all worthwhile.  It raises you to higher grounds, makes you dance, keeps you laughing and makes you believe in dreams that come true.  #L♥VeW♥RkS ... congrats on finding yours, Amanda and Chris! (Want to see more? Click here!

And Then I Found You...Morey & Vladmir

Isn't it funny how you tell yourself "no" but your heart says "shut up and dance"?  You say, "I'm just going to be me" and suddenly, you are three.  Well, not literally but take a look at this love story.  One unexpected surprise leads to another, love blooms and suddenly, it all happens.  Pieces fall into place, puzzles become paintings, and contagious smiles spread like wild fire.  Congrats, Morey & Vladmir! #baby #heartbeat #love. Want to see more? Click Here!

Happily Engaged! Natasha & Mario

Vintage...yes, please!  Romance...of course!  L♥ you even have to ask????  Can I just say that this sweet couple had me smiling the entire time?  Although the vintage theme is soft, their love simple and sweet, it shows loudly and in full color in these pictures  Congrats to Natasha and Mario!  Take a deep breath, darlings, hold hands and hold we go!!  

Double Take @ Willie & Farai!!!

Does this look familiar?  Look closely because it should!  We decided to recreate an image that I shot during their engagement shoot years ago...but now, we have 2 additions!!! Wow!  How cool is that?  I absolutely love it!  I'm so thrilled to have this wonderful couple grace my webpage two!  It just keeps getting better...can't wait to take pics of them one day with a #3!!  Maybe?  Potentially?  LOL.  Let me know, Farai and Willie (you guys do make beautiful babies!)!

Congrats, class of 2017!! Melanie M.

Congrats, Melanie and the class of (gulp, gasp, eek) 2017!  Wow!!! CRAZY COOL!!!  Conquer this world, girl!  Be the sweetheart that you are, climb those walls, conquer those challenges, be the warrior that you must be and succeed.  I know that you will!

How Many Ways You Can Spell "JOY"...The Stewart Famil

Simple question, one answer: immeasurable.  Over a million smiles, more than three billion hugs, in surplus of gazillions of giggles.  I have been privileged to take pics of these three little angels for many years.  I have watched them grow from two little ones, to three little ones, to three little ones growing so big and strong.  They make me smile, make me giggle...they make me happy.  I know that their Mommy and Daddy are so proud as they should be.  They have wonderful little angels.  Three babies = so much joy that you could never measure it. 

Tin for Ten; Holly & Greg

How beautiful is this?  Tin is for ten years of marriage.  I can't believe that it has been 10 years but you wouldn't believe it either if you knew these guys.  Love is a good look on them and they wear it well.  This is the good stuff.  This is what keeps life going.  This is love.  Congrats, you guys.  Don't stop (not that I think you ever would or could). 

Happily Ever Ansah ... Megan & Robert

I know that this is a long blog post BUT...IN MY was too easy!!  It was effortless to splurge on making this gallery.  The smiles never stopped, the hugs were so genuine, the family so beautiful, the kids so cute and Megan and Rob are so in love.  So, forgive me but I'm all about #HAPPILYEVERANSAH ...and... #BOOTYROCKINEVERYWHERE.  All the best to this couple, their family and their friends who made me feel right at home on their beautiful day!! Roses are red, true love is rare, booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!  (Such a perfect twist on one of my fav songs...I'm stealing that one, Megan!!  It just makes me smile!!)  Oh yeah...#LOVE.WEARIT ♥

L♥ve & Happiness...Myisha & Jeremy

Every detail of this day was meticulously crafted by the bride.  She put love into every detail and it showed.  Congrats to the happy couple! Wishing them a lifetime of love & happiness!!

Sweet As Is...Corinne & Phil

Love is always just as sweet as it should be.  In a perfectly imperfect world, love makes us as close to perfect as we can be...flaws and all.  Love makes life all the's real, sweet as is with no need for "artificial sweeteners."   Congrats, Corinne & Phil!  Never settle for Sweet&Low!

Baby on Board ... The Braud Family is expecting!

Babies are such a blessing and this family couldn't wait to meet their little bundle of joy!!  Has there ever been a more beautiful reason to watch a belly grow?  Absolutely not!!  Congrats, Braud family...and welcome, Baby Braud!

Sweet Baby, Happy Family! Baby Francesco's Baptism!

What a cutie this little guy is!  I couldn't decide if he looked more like his Daddy or his Mommy...I think that he was a good little mix.  One thing is for sure...this little guy is L♥VED.  A sea of smiling faces lovingly watched as Francesco was baptized in the name of our Lord.  May God always keep him and bless him!!!  

Happily Ever After. Alex & Katherine (and Grandparents, too)

Post wedding day shoots are lots of have the opportunity to catch a few more smiles of the people that you love so much.  The honored guests at this shoot were the grandparents.  They were definitely stealing the show and all of my giggles as they hugged, kissed, laughed and made jokes throughout the session.  Then, Kat & Alex took over...and the game of love was won. ♥&♥

2000 Party Over, Whoops, Out of Time...Happy 16th Birthday, Kilani

That song rocks but since these guys were BORN in 2000 and decided to celebrate their 16th birthday a week ago, the party has just begun...and it was a killer party.  There were solo performances by Kourtney Heart and a ton of other talented artists. DJ Chicken kept the crowd moving and, of course, there were millions of selfies.  Selfies everywhere!  Oh, and a brand new car!  Happy birthday, Kilani!

Fun + Loving. Myisha & Jeremy

Normally, people are described as fun-loving but can they be fun, loving, and fun-loving at the same time? Myisha & Jeremy. ♥

You are my sunshine. Meet Raegan

Meet Raegan.  She is her Mommy and Daddy's ray of sunshine.  With cheeks like this and a smile as cute and bright as she has, it is a nickname that suits her well.